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    My name is Jay, and I am so excited to welcome you to our tribe.

    Tribal Moon Cacao is built on a heartfelt mission to give and support as many incredible humans and environmental organisations as we can. 

    With every single Tribal Moon Cacao product, you are not only supporting yourself and your tribe by sharing the gift of our incredible superfoods, but you are also raising money and creating abundance for high vibrational humans who are creating epic magic all over the planet right now.

    We are one big family with over 12,000 affiliates worldwide, and we always gift our inner circle tribe (that's now you!) exclusive freebies and treats, so keep an eye out for something very special in your inbox in a few days.

    We feel honoured that you landed here, and the opportunity to share our Cacao and mission with you. Gratitude - Jay Hoad  

    Please see our website for 100's of incredible recipes :)




    New Super Healthy Recipes


    Ceremonial Recipes

    So many new ceremonial and hot cacao drink recipes now up. 

    Divine Smoothies

    Smoothies are so good for you and so good any time of day. 

    Healthy Treats

    Time to get healthy with your daily snacks?

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    Sound Therapy with Medicine Drum and Didgeridoo

    It never ceases to amaze me… why is it that when you combine the frequencies of music with a safe and trustable healing space, set intentions, and create time and space to receive, instruments like the medicine drum, didgeridoo, and voice can add so much more to the healing journey?

    Meditation with Ceremonial Grade Cacao, a doorway like no other

    Sometimes life does not go as smoothly as expected; sometimes it’s more of a tailspin, and we are just holding on for the ride! Well, maybe it’s time to take a moment, breathe a little deeper, and open a few new doors.  So, let’s talk about a gentle doorway like no other – meditation with ceremonial-grade cacao.

    Meditation is an age-old tool that...

    Monthly Cacao Subscriptions

    We have just launched our NEW BI-MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PACKS for our cacao and blue lotus lovers.

    They are more affordable, and you can create custom subscription packs with add-ons, including handmade cacao drinking vessels, coffee, maca powder, sage and palo santo


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